Zeeno is an AI assistant that lives in your mobile keyboard.

Re-phrase tweets, brainstorm recipe ideas for the next family dinner, generate a reply to lengthy emails, and more without ever leaving your mobile chat box!

Zeeno.ai - Zeeno puts ChatGPT in your mobile keyboard | Product Hunt

Supercharge your tweets and captions ⚡

Zeeno will re-phrase your social media posts/captions perfectly in seconds.

Idea Generation

Never run out of ideas for anything ever again 💡

Business ideas, recipe ideas, creative problem solving, you name it. Zeeno will do it for you without leaving your conversation or note-taking app.


Do your research in-chat 🔬

Remember when you had to use a search engine for these things?

Zeeno is one-tap away in any app you use!

Whether it is closing sales, talking to friends, taking notes, or writing, Zeeno is right there to help!

Step 1

Go to keyboard settings and add 'AiKeyboard'

Step 2

Select 'AiKeyboard' and turn on 'allow full access'